How to contact me

To make an appointment please phone me on 01792 203881 or 01267 223233; you can text me on 07515 107878.
You can also email me on

How much will it cost?

The first consultation involves a thorough review of your presenting problem and your medical history, followed by examination and treatment.
Subsequent appointments concentrate on reassessment and treatment.
Each consultation will take 30 to 40 minutes and costs 35 per session. You can pay by cash or cheque during the appointment, online through Appointy/Paypal while booking, by online banking (ask me for details), or via Paypal-my Paypal email address is

Online Calendar and Booking with Mrs Appointy

Mrs Appointy is my hard-working on-line receptionist; ready 24/7 to show you the availability of appointments, make a booking and let even let you pay online (optional). She will ask you for your email address so that she can send you confirmation when you book. My online Appointy calendars below show my availability at my various clinics. There are three calendars, one for each clinic, and the Carmarthen/Sketty calendar can be toggled from one location to the other using the "change location" link. My "Where am I?" table, below, shows which days and times relate to which clinics.Times in blue are available, times in red are gone.

Where am I?
I work in my three clinics according to a regular schedule, as follows:
Monday: morning - Sketty, afternoon - Gorseinon, evening - Sketty
And now Monday afternoon in Carmarthen with Joe Parkhouse M.Ost
Tuesday: Carmarthen all day
Wednesday: morning - Sketty, afternoon - Gorseinon, evening - Sketty
Thursday: Carmarthen all day
Friday: Sketty all day

Carmarthen and Sketty